Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Jubilee Plans

I'm not especially royalist but I've got a few plans for the Bank Holiday weekend....  Firstly I've invited all my family to a '1952 High Tea'.  I'm working on the menu this week and I intend to try and be as authentic as possible.  There's going to be tinned meats, simple salads, boiled eggs, chutneys and piccalilli.  The puddings are going to blancmange, trifle, sponge, jelly and tinned cream.

I'm in the process of sending out proper 1950s-styled invitations.. and I've asked everyone to turn up in 1950s inspired clothes.

I'm going to move the tables into the conservatory so there will be more space.  I have dug out my Grandma's old embroidered tablecloths from a drawer at my Mum's house.  I have also got plans to mix and match my floral china tea set (Duchess "Tranquillity") with my Mum's (Colclough "Braganza").  Neither of these designs were around in the 1950s but I think there will be nice vintage feel.

I'm just about to start making my own bunting - using Emma Bridgewater Union Jack paper and some other contrasting designs.

I'm also in the process of sourcing some wide 'champagne-style' glasses for a Babycham toast to the Queen!!!!

Later in the evening we are all going to drive a few miles to the nearest 'Beacon Site' and hopefully see several bonfires lit from the elevated position of Hanbury Church. 

Have you got any plans for the long weekend?


  1. sounds nice! We don't have any royal themed plans but we're going up to Dave's dad in Clitheroe for a few days, just for a change of scenery really. I hadn't thought about the beacons though - there are a few around here and I'd like to see them lit. Hmmm...!

  2. That all sounds wonderful - good for you... I think we'll have a walk to the beacon in the village and watch the fireworks too.
    Remember to take plenty of photos on the day :-) x

  3. Ooh that sounds lovely - a proper do! we're having a street party for the kids and our village youth club are serving lunch to the older members of the community - as long there's plenty of bunting they can count me in! thanks for following me x

  4. Your weekend sounds as though it will be fabulous. We're going up to London to see the Royal Flotilla on the Thames on the Sunday and then a family get together on the Tuesday. I've got the same Colclough teaset Braganza which came down from the loft this weekend with a broken sugar bowl and cup, not sure if I'll be able to replace them now as it's over 30 years old.

  5. Sounds like such fun. tell me what is a Babysham toast? I hope you post more about how this all comes together...and pictures please.

  6. Now now sounds like my kind of a party !!
    Ooohh- yes, we need pictures !!

  7. That sounds fabulous and if I lived nearer I just might have had to gatecrash seeing as we've got nothing planned at all. Don't forget to show us lots of photos.

  8. Celebrating in style. It sounds great fun, I hope you all have a wonderful time.

  9. Wow - you are really pushing the boat out - excellent idea. The village where I live are having a full day of all sorts of events - unfortunately we won't be here. Typical.

  10. Brilliant idea!!! The prep of it all sounds real fun too...hard work but fun!
    Its times like this when I miss not being home...I'll be popping into the BBC World news now and again to see what people are up to in the UK that weekend.

    Have a wonderful time!

    Amanda :-)

    at Crafty in the Med

  11. Hi Jan, what a great idea to have a party like that. We dont have any plans, Tony has to work most of the jubilee weekend so I will be entertaining myself! Still, its not a problem to me since I can usually find something to do! There is a gala and a band concert up in the village so I will probably take a couple of the grandchildren with me.