Monday, 14 May 2012

Rhapsody in Blue... and Yellow!

I was so glad to have my camera with me on Saturday afternoon when we went for a walk to the north of the village.  The flowers on the Rapeseed Oil crop were really vibrant against the blue sky..

Given that it's been raining for weeks round here, the path was still incredibly dry in the next field..

We turned to look back towards the village and saw the usual 'huge Worcestershire skies'...

You could see that there had been plenty of rain when we got to the Droitwich canal.  The water was really muddy and several inches higher than normal..

On Sunday we took both cars to the Prescott Hill Climb Charity event.  Mark drove 'Annie' (right of pic) and I drove 'The Kitten' (middle of pic).  This was the first time I'd actually been allowed to drive 'The Kitten'.  Between you and me, I was really nervous.  It would have been awful to have had an accident in Mark's baby!

This is our teddy bear mascot - Stirling (named after Sir Stirling Moss).  I knitted his little scarf last summer and he has a collection of badges from some of the race events we have done in the last twelve months.  He has a little rucksack on his back and 'aviator shades' - one cool bear!!!

Here's Mark junping into our friend's car for another trip up the track.  D. is a lovely guy who comes over from Essex espcially for this event.  He likes to stay in a B+B near our house and we spend the whole weekend catching up on gossip.


  1. Amazing photos. Our skies haven't been anywhere near as blue , and it's been really cold and windy.Stirling is very cute!

  2. love the bear, how scary driving such a loved car!

  3. Those clouds are wonderful Jan! Love them.

  4. Great shots - and what a cute bear - I want one.

  5. Gorgeous photos - what amazing colours. We are surrounded by oil seed rape too - it's stunning isn't it?

  6. Hello Jan:
    These look like very 'mean' machines to us, but how exciting to have been in the driving seat!

    Stirling is adorable and looks very proud to be decorated with badges.

    When we lived in Herefordshire, we were surrounded by oilseed rape as far as the eye could see. It does, as you say, make such a startling contrast when viewed against blue skies. But, for us, we much preferred the apple blossom and Worcestershire is a particular delight in that respect.

  7. I don't remember seeing skies that colour for a long time, dull and grey here. The canal looks to be very full after all the rain we've had just recently. It sounds like you get to lots of events with the cars. It's great to keep in touch with friends who have the same interests and meet up with them at the events.

  8. It's so nice to have a bit of sunshine at last! Shame it's so cold and windy! It was snowing here this morning - not a lot, but still snowing in May!