Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Battling the Ice

Last Saturday afternoon we managed to get out for a decent length walk again - maybe 6 miles or so.  We started off along the canal bank and found that sections of the canal had frozen for the first time this year.  As we got close to the leisure centre we stopped to watch a family of swans.  The parents and one of the 'teenage' swans were making their way through clear water without difficulty.  The second 'teenage' swan just hadn't got it's brain round the idea that water could turn solid over night.  We could hear the ice squealing and cracking as the swan struggled against it.  Eventually a small piece cracked off and the swan launched itself towards the rest of the family.  Unfortunately it relaxed it's guard, lowered it's head below the water and immediately swam into the edge of the next sheet of ice.  Poor thing!

I've got to confess that this isn't one of my photos - I found it on one of those 'stock pictures' sites.  Nevertheless, it's pretty much as things were on Saturday.

I'm posting from school this afternoon.  The children have just gone and I'm about to tackle the second half of the Btec marking pile.  Last night went well and the 'stopover' at the hotel worked brilliantly.  The Heads of Music meeting was positive too - so I guess I'm making steady progress towards that holiday!!!  Am REALLY looking forward to getting home tonight and having a cuddle with Husband and Cat!


  1. The poor young swan must have been completely confused by the ice! I should think he or she has worked it out now! Glad your hotel was ok:)

  2. I haven't seen anything frozen over yet this year, though it's got much colder this last week. I hope the swan managed to work out what's happened to the water.