Monday, 5 December 2011

What housework?

I couldn't resist the call of the outdoors again this weekend and spent the best part of Saturday and Sunday walking.  OK - I didn't do half the housework that should have been done and my ironing pile is planning a bid for mountain staus.... but I do feel immensely better in myself.  We stayed locally on both days and on Sunday did a pretty epic hike round the area (a few country lanes, some field paths, a stretch on the path by the River Severn and home by the canal bank).  At the furtherest point this walk takes in the great little cafe at the Pump House Environment Centre.  They make the most amazing cakes - undoing any weight-loss properties of the walk - but who cares?

The Pump House

Eco Cafe/Environmental Displays

The best thing about all this walking is that is also kept us away from all the Christmas Madness in the shops!  Worcester had a Victorian Fayre on this weekend, which draws visitors to the area from miles around.  I know that it's an important part of the economy for this time of year but it does make the city even more chaotic than usual. 
The only problem is that I still haven't tackled the ironing... now I'm blogging instead!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Jan! What a wonderful way you spent your weekend, walking around the country! Isn't walking such an amazing stress reliever?
    I think ironing is a stress inducer! YUCK!
    I will be your first follower!

  2. Hello Jan, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I too have a mountain of ironing that aught to be tackled today but as usual I'm messing about on the computer! Your walk sounds lovely and I like the look of The Pump House cafe:)