Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A growing obsession with figs..!

The Kings Arms - Woodstock - Oxford

While Husband and his male relatives were consuming vast quantities of roast dinner on Sunday, I went for a lighter option and enjoyed it immensely.  My main course was a peppered chicken breast, served with pear, fresh figs, a green salad and hazelnuts.  The figs were incredible.. just warm and with a slight hint of an orange flavour.  I asked the waitress how they'd been cooked and she explained that they'd been pan fried in an orange and honey butter.

This sounds simple enough - so I'm going to try them out on my family on Wednesday evening.  There's going to be eight of us.  It's a sort of 'pre-Christmas meal' before my sister goes to her 'in-laws' for the weekend.  We'll do the whole festive thing with crackers and christmas napkins on the table.  It's a bit of work to get things organised, but I'm enjoying having the time to think and plan properly.  It's also the motivation I need to get on with a bit of housework.  The kitchen has a slightly 'end of term/neglected' air at the moment!!!!!


  1. Have a great night and do let us know how the figs turned out.

  2. Figs seem to be more popular here too in cooking. I love them. I can remember years uncle would send a tray of dried fruits for us for Christmas. My Mom and I would go for the figs at once. No one else liked them. We had to share. Your meal sounds delish!