Sunday, 11 December 2011

I didn't believe this but...

Here's a 'top tip' from 'Helen Hair' (the wonderful lady who keeps my grey hairs at bay).  Moroccan Oil is more than a fantastic hair product...  it's also brilliant as a moisturiser for hands and face!  She first mentioned this a few weeks ago and I was really sceptical.  I had indestrutible skin when I was younger and could use pretty much anything without problems.  In the last few years areas of my face have become 'super-sensitive' and I didn't really want to suffer some kind of dramatic allergic reaction.  Anyway, she mentioned it again a couple of weeks ago while I was having my hair 'done' and I decided to try it out...

She's right.  It may have been designed as a hair product but it's amazing on your skin too.  I've been sponging my face with cold water then applying a very small amount over my face, neck and chest.  I do this just before bed and first thing in the morning.  Husband says that he can really see the difference - my skin tone is more even and the redness seems to be healing. 

All in time for the Christmas party season!

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  1. Oh boy, that Morrocan Oil is the worst for my curly and unruly hair! So glad it is helping with your skin!