Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Playing in the Kitchen..

I've prepared the house for Christmas today.  It's been such lovely mild weather that I could throw open all the windows while I dusted, hoovered and moved furniture around for this evening.  The house smells less 'stuffy' now and I feel very virtuous!

I also had time to have a little play in the kitchen at lunchtime.  I decided to make a few rather tired-looking cauliflower florets into a Cauliflower Cheese soup.  I was really quite pleased with the final result....

It was rich and very filling.  I couldn't resist the thin piece of raw cauliflower as a garnish!!

My next task this afternoon is to start sorting Husband's Christmas presents.  We have a tradition of giving each other a stocking first thing on the 25th.  The rule is that these stocking presents must be useful but as cheap as possible - 2nd hand books; jams; a special sauce that's difficult to get etc.  We collect things when we see them through the year then 'squirrel them away' to surprise each other on Christmas morning.  It's great fun. 

I think my "best" present for Husband's stocking this year is a book of Sausage and Mash recipies that I picked up for £1.50.  Sausage, mash and gravy is his all time favourite meal - so I can't wait to see his face when he opens the parcel.


  1. Mmm... your soup looks very tasty! What a great idea to make a Christmas stocking for each other, it must be fun both finding the presents and receiving them:)

  2. The stockings sound like fun, I bet it's just as much fun looking for the gifts for it as it is opening them on Christmas morning.