Monday, 16 January 2012

Blue Monday?

Thank you to everyone who has left lovely comments on my blog recently and a big warm "Welcome" to my new followers!  It means a lot that you've added me.

Today is - according to the government and the media - officially "Blue Monday".  According to the radio, this means that the people of the nation are at their lowest ebb.  We are stuggling financially; the summer seems a long way away and we are generally 'blue'.  Hmm...

I've been trying to banish the blues over the weekend by sorting our holidays.  I love the planning.  I'll spend hours on the computer trying to get the quality of accomodation, the right location and a fair price. 

Just before Christmas I was chatting to some-one who didn't really know me and she said "I bet you're the kind of person who jets off to exotic places."  I was really offended!  She seemed a bit baffled when I tried to explain that I like to call myself a " micro-tourist".   I'm happy spending my summer holidays in England and I don't feel the urge to drive very far to achieve that sense of 'on holiday-ness'.  For the last two years we've only driven 40 miles for our two week break.  This year we're really pushing our boundaries and I think we'll be travelling about 55 miles!

Once we're on holiday, we put on our walking boots and really try to 'get under the skin' of an area.  We shop at local shops and farm stores and eat local specialities.  England's different regions are so beautifully diverse that you don't need to travel far to find a whole new range of cakes, sausages and cheeses.  I'm a complete foodie and I love it!

This year we're going to base ourselves near Clun, Shropshire.  We're close to the Offa's Dyke path, the Kerry Ridgeway and an unlimited number of local paths and bridleways.  Our nearest town of any size will be Bishops Castle or Knighton.  In other words, we will be in the middle of absolutely nowhere and I can't wait!!!


  1. Sounds just my cup of tea - idyllic!

  2. We booked our holiday before Christmas. We've spent lots of summers abroad, but only recently (the last three years) decided to stay in England, and I love it. I would have stayed here long ago rather than jetting off, but it's Mick who's a sun worshipper that convinced us to go abroad. I've brought him round to my way of thinking now. It's Cornwall again for us this year, I can't wait.

  3. Your hols sound wonderful - no wonder you can't wait!

  4. Oh, I love that part of Shropshire. I like the idea of walking and getting to know an area well. We walked a little bit of Offa's dyke path a few years ago. I love planning where to go and what part of the country to explore next:)

  5. Thanks for popping over to Beyond the Nook, for following and for your lovely comment. Your holiday sounds wonderful to me. We've been married for nearly 28 years and have only had 4 holidays abroad in all that time. The rest of our holidays have been spent in England, Scotland and Wales. We do go to new areas, but love the East Riding and Cornwall , so many trips are to those places.