Saturday, 28 January 2012

A little bit of 'me time'...

It's been really difficult to get quality time on the laptop for the last few days.  School has been great, but demanding... Options Evening took place at the beginning of the week and then I needed to give some quality thinking to some extended essays (c.45 pages each!) from my Year 10 Diploma students.  All the essays are marked now so I feel quite smug!  In the evenings Mark 'hogged' the home computer.  To be fair, I've helped him to set a website over the last two weeks and it's taken him a while to input everything accurately.  Nevertheless, it's not condusive to quality 'blogging time'.  Anyway, today I treated myself to some real 'me time' and took myself off to Woolwise in Kidderminster. 

It's by the far the best wool shop in this area.  As you can see from these pictures I pulled from their website, they've got a fabulous range of yarns and they've won regional awards.  I could have spent masses of money.  It's months since I last went to a 'proper wool shop' and there were loads of new yarns and colour-ways to tempt me.  I was particularly intrigued by this cotton mix yarn by Sidar..
.. but they didn't really stock a colour that suited my purpose.  In the end I settled on a terracota/cream/beige mix wool called 'Smiley Stripes'.  It's a Double Knitting wool for babies so it's REALLY soft.  I'm going to knit it up in a lacey pattern to create the first of my new cushion covers.  (At one stage these covers were going to be crocheted but, after repeated and embarrassing failures, I'm going to stick to what I'm confident with at the moment!)

Hoping that all of you are having a great weekend!


  1. Lovely wool shops, they're heaven; especially these days when they have squishy sofas and chairs, and tea and cake sometimes! x

  2. I'm like a kid in a sweet shop when I go to a wool shop, so many lovely yarns to tempt me. The yarn you bought sounds very nice, I look forward to seeing it knit up in to a cushion cover.

  3. Hi Jan, I haven't been to a proper wool shop for ages, there isn't any good ones around here. I order mine online but it's not the same, I need to feel the wool! I had lovely "me" time today, daughter had a nap this afternoon and I sat on my bed for two hours and watched Poirot while making little picot flowers to sew on my bunting. Will post about them next week. Hope you're having a great weekend xxx

  4. I love wool shops. When I first started knitting in the 80s there was a fabulous one close to where I worked. It had beautiful polished wooden shelves, was run by an elderly lady who knew everything there was to know about knitting, and you could choose your wool and have it ' put away' for you so that you could go in and buy it a couple of balls at a time as you needed it. I loved it, and can still remember the smell of it, and that old lady's smile when we all used to pop in at lunchtime for another couple of balls. Happy days!

  5. I could literally spend hours in a wool shop, just stroking the yarn and marveling at the array of's nice to have some 'ME' time now and again. x