Wednesday, 11 January 2012

January Blues

Like millions of others, I'm struggling a bit with my health at the moment.  To be honest, I started with a bad cold back in October half-term and I just haven't shifted all the symptoms.  I'm a great one for relying on caffeine and red wine to get me through the day - neither of which contribute to a great night's sleep.  I'm OK going to sleep/passing out, but just can't seem to get past the four hour mark.  You know that sort of thing...  Since we get up at 5.50, things are starting to get a bit serious in the 'sleep deprivation' department!

Anyway, I gave myself a massive talking to this morning at around 2.30 am... and today is 'Day 1' of a revised regime!  I'm going back on the 'Tired of Being Tired' diet.  The rules are simple
  • No Caffeine (Sob!)
  • No Alcohol (Sob! Sob!)
  • No Sugar - except natural sugars found in fruit
  • No Refined foods - back on the brown rice and pasta
  • No Fake foods (stuff like ketchup)

It's a diet for health rather than weight loss and I've done it several times before.  It comes from an excellent book called 'Tired of Being Tired', which I've had on my bookshelves for years but tend to forget about until times become desperate.  Sugar is particularly difficult to avoid.  It crops up in a lot of savoury convenience foods and even most shop-bought bread.  Basically the easiest way to follow the plan is to cook everything from scratch

Anyway, today I ditched the super-strength Colombian coffee which has been getting me off the horizontal for weeks.  It was agony and I've had a blazing headache all day.... I guess my body is trying to tell me something here!!!

I've read in several magazines recently that sleep deprivation is one of the main reasons for sustained ill-health.  Maybe if I can get some decent kip then I'll also be able to kick the 12 week bad cold!

Here's hoping.....


  1. I sympathise, I was always picking up colds when I worked, though I'm rarely ill now that I'm at home. I know what you mean about alcohol keeping you awake at night though. I tend to avoid alcohol most of the time, but I've been on the wine over Christmas and haven't yet got back on to the no alcohol regime. Give me another couple of weeks!

  2. Good luck with your regime. I congratulate you on taking on this will be difficult to make so many changes at once.When I get a cold it lasts forever...maybe I should follow some of your ideas.

  3. I admire you, dear. The Columbian coffee is what keeps me going, too. I drink 4 pots (yes, pots) a day. I can drink it as late as 8 or 9 and not have a problem, most days.
    If I find I'm on a run of insomnia, I will do an extra long work out or spend an hour or two walking the mall. Sometimes, working my job isn't enough to physically wear me out.
    Last week, I had a kidney issue and was told to skip coffee for a week. I lasted 5 hours. The headache was worse than the kidney thing!!