Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Weekend "Stuff"

On Saturday night I found myself driving a 'retired' London taxi belonging to one of Mark's petrol head friends.  He randomly offered us the chance to try driving it and, since Mark declined, I said "Yes".  After all, I wasn't certain that this is the sort of opportunity that would come up again in my life!  It's probably one of the most 'sedate' cars I've driven but it had an amazing turning circle...

On Sunday I made the mistake of going to my local Hobbycraft.  Somehow I'd forgotten how over-priced the stuff is there.  I walked up and down in shock.  The little local stores have better quality items for a similar price.  I left with six buttons... and felt like I'd been robbed! 

Last weekend I paid £3.00 for six buttons from the Cath Kidston store in Bristol.  At the time I thought they might be a bit pricey but it was a little 'treat' from our weekend away.  Now I think they were a bargain.  I paid £4.50 for the buttons in Hobbycraft - same number, same size, just wood rather than plastic.  Incredible!

However every retail cloud has a silver lining....  In the main garden centre I found some Heathcote and Ivory Christmas gifts reduced by 75%.  I quickly snaffled some more items for the 'Christmas 2012 Present Cupboard'.   As a result I didn't feel that I'd been quite so 'ripped off' as I walked back to the car!

Welcome to Scarlet and Patricia.  I really enjoy reading your blogs!


  1. The price some places charge for craft materials is frighting. I am glad to see I am not the only one putting away sale items for next Christmas.

  2. I love buttons Jan especially Cath Kidston. Have a few packs and am looking forward to making use of them soon.

  3. I hadn't been in Hobbycraft for years until recently. I wanted some wool in a specific colour and hadn't had any luck finding any while thrifting. Hobbycraft had the perfect colour - but it was £6.49 per 50g ball! I was so shocked that I left without looking at anything else.

  4. I only go to Hobbycraft as a last resort, it's so expensive. The Cath Kidston buttons are really cute. I wonder if you have a project in mind for them.

  5. It will be interesting to see what you do with the buttons. I have absolutely no idea what a Hobbycraft is, or that how much that "£" sign is! And I love it! Having "web friends" in other countries and other cultures is so fascinating, isn't it?!