Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hiding away!

Here I am - tucked away in a corner of a second hand bookshop!  This is my idea of a heavenly afternoon.  My Mum was with me and she got bored of waiting - which is why she started taking photos!

I finished 'The Girl on Times Square'.  The ending wasn't even 'happy-ish'.  It's certainly not a book you would want to read if you were feeling slightly low.  I can't say that I enjoyed it that much really.  I have, however, started 'The Bronze Horsemen' and it is just a good as I remember it.

Today Mark and I went for another lovely long walk round our local lanes and canal tow paths.  This picture is of the furthest point out in the walk.  I live the other side of the hill that you can see in the distance.  It's no surprise that my legs are aching this evening!!

As we staggered the last few metres home (!) we met up with our neighbours, who were washing their cars.  We haven't seen them properly since Christmas so it was fabulous to stand for a while and a proper natter.  Anyway, I eventually raised the subject of my great crochet frustrations and it transpires that W. has been crocheting for years.  She is going to have a little practice in private (because she hasn't done it for a while) then she has promised to give me a tutorial.  I will master a granny square!

Seriously, thank you to everyone who commented on my previous post, especially Emma's kind offer to meet up.  Also, a warm welcome to Emma and Lily - who have joined my little gang of followers.


  1. Hi Jan, I love to read too and have just finished Sister, a very good book but a bit depressing. Have you read The Five People You Meet In Heaven? It's one of my all-time favourites. So glad you've found someone to show you crochet, it's so much easier when someone's sitting beside you. And she's nearby so you can hassle her haha. Lots of love xxx

  2. That bookshop looks fab. What a walk, you should sleep soundly tonight. I walk the dog every day, but I'm trying to make my walks longer, both me and Archie could do with shedding some pounds, me more than him I'm afraid. How lovely that your neighbour is going to help you with your crochet. I learnt from You Tube tutorials, not quite the same as having someone sitting next to you.

  3. I love secondhand book shops - they have such a wonderful smell. What a great walk you had- I hope your legs aren't aching too much this morning! Good news for the crochet. I'm trying to learn through the tutorials on Mum's blog.

  4. I love book shops. We used to visit a second hand book shop years ago where you could sit in big squashy leather chairs to look at the books and the staff came round with mugs of coffee - now that was heaven! It does look as if you went on a very long walk:)

  5. If you love secondhand book shops, you should try and pay a visit to Hay-On-Wye, this small town on the Welsh border is absolutely stuffed with secondhand bookshops........not sure how near it is to your holiday destination of Knighton.

    What a lovely area you live in........I've always had a dream to live on a canal boat.......only a dream mind, I would never be able to fit all my crafty bits and bobs on board.

    Good luck with the crochet, I'm sure you'll be making piles of granny squares in no time. x