Monday, 2 January 2012

A little craft project.

My resolution for 2012 is to make more time for craft projects.  I suffered a cranky neck for years following a motor racing accident in my 30s (a long story for another blog!) and an accident with an amplifier as I turned 40.  Last summer I found a way out of the on-going niggling discomfort when my sister introduced me to pilates.  I go to a class once a week and also practise a couple of times at home between each session.  I always kept crafting through the discomfort but it's so much nicer to stitch for as long as I like without hurting at all!

This is a little project that I started in the busy times just before Christmas and finished the other afternoon.  It was a way of finishing off a few of the part-used silks that I've collected over years and years of cross-stitching.  I've worked a range of tapestry stitches on a fairly fine canvas.  I decided to make myself a pin cushion after 30 years of abusing the arms of the sofa!

The finished work before I stitched up the corners

The top

And the bottom!

In reality I think I prefer the bottom to the top so these labels are pretty arbitry!  Anyway, I was really taken with the effect of the stitch on the left.  As a result I've already started something new - a complete experiment - where I'm going to use this stitch to create a mount for a piece of cross stitch.  I'm making good progress down the first side already.

My new years resolution is to pick up a needle every day!


  1. That's really lovely. It does spur you on to other things when you see a finished item, doesn't it? I'm not really very good with a needle, but it's something I intend to have a go at in the future.

  2. Hi, I arrived here on a blog hop and saw this fantastic piece of work. It would take me ages to do that project.
    Hope school went well today.
    Love from Mum