Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happiness is....

A broken necklace!  I found it on the path at the front of school at the end of work yesterday.   There was no-one around and lots of the heavier beads had rolled into the flower beds, so it was clear that it wasn't going to be reclaimed and resurrected by its owner.  I pottered around in the semi-darkness and collected as many beads as I could in my sandwich box.  I think they are really pretty and there must be a little 'crafty' use for them eventually.  After a couple of heavy days 'at the chalk face', this 'fortunate find' completely made my evening!

It's typical of the affluent area that I work in that someone would leave a broken necklace like this.  I'm always amazed by the amount of money and 'stuff' my pupils have.  It wouldn't cross their minds that these beads could easily be repaired.   Oh well - their loss is my gain I suppose!  At least Year 8 boys aren't going to find them and use them as missiles....  I might work in a 'nice' school but 12 year old boys will always give into temptation!!!!

For those of you who read my 'detox diet' post earlier in January.. today is my 15th day without caffeine!  I finally stopped craving it around Day 11 - so it's been quite a hard slog.  I've been off sugar and refined foods for the same length of time but a couple of glasses of wine crept in when we were socialising last weekend.  I guess the important thing is that the midweek drinking has stopped!  My colleagues are sceptical that I'm going to be able to maintain this.  They're not big into 'moral support'!


  1. Those beads are lovely, they look wooden? Your 12 year old boy comment made me chuckle, very true. Well done on your detox diet, you're doing really well, and so what if you had a couple of glasses of wine, you have to have a treat sometimes. What a shame that your colleagues don't give you any support. You must continue with it just to prove them wrong. That's what I like about Blogland, everyone is so supportive of each other. I'm off the wine too at the moment, along with everything else, I've finally started my diet.

  2. I would have been very pleased too Jan.
    Congrats on the detox diet too. I dont think I could do it, I love my caffeine fix with coffee! Alcohol doesnt really agree with me so I rarely drink nowadays but an odd glass wont do you any harm so why not?

  3. You're doing really well, and I don't think a couple of glasses of wine at the weekend will do you any harm.I've been caffeine free for a long time now - about 8 years I think. I gave it up because of my blood pressure , and it's a definite no-no now with my dicky ticker!

  4. Its fab that you picked up the beads and I'm looking forward to seeing how you upcycle it. Its a shame that some people don't value the small things.

    Good luck with the detox.