Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Introducing Mark's "Girls"

While we were walking round Bristol there were periods of time when Mark didn't say much.  "Oh dear," I said to myself "I know these signs..."

It's got to that time of year when my lovely husband's thoughts start to stray towards his other girls... 

There are always weeks of planning and preparation (not to mention innumerable mugs of tea) before the season starts at Easter....

I am just about to become a 'garage widdow'...

These are the two other (extremely demanding) women in my husband's life...

This is "Annie" - taken on the track at Prescott Hill Climb

This is "The Kitten" - during a test drive to Aberaeron

To be honest, I enjoy being involved with these cars as much as Mark does.  We have a huge social scene round them and it's a fab excuse to spend days outside - doing nothing much - at racing tracks and other events.  When both the cars have to be driven to the same event, The Kitten is mine!

The only downside is the amount of time that Mark has to spend in the garage from January until March! 

While we were walking in Bristol he was planning steering modifications for "Annie" and a brake up-grade for "The Kitten"! 

It's a good thing that I love him!!!!!


  1. Theres no way I am showing hubby this - he will feel so badly done to!! Gorgeous card though. nxxxx

  2. I know nothing about cars, I'm just happy that I have one to get me from A to B. The Kitten's nice looking though.