Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I'm having an 'off' day. 
Somehow all the little (and slightly larger) irritations in my life are getting to me.
I know I'm being slightly irrational.
I know that I've got masses to be thankful for.
The sun is shining.
I've got good friends and good health.
But today I just don't see it.
It's one of those days.
Normally I'm a really positive person
I hate it when I feel like this


  1. Be kind to yourself, know that it's perfectly normal, it will pass and that you're not alone in occasionally feeling like this. Positive thoughts winging your way!

  2. back to school blues? That picture is fab though - sending positive thoughts xx

  3. We all find ourselves in "that place" when we least expect it. I'm sending good thoughts your way!

  4. Everyone has off days but at least you know that it will pass.Maybe you are just ready for a break.I know we are and we have next week off work so I cant wait.Hopefully recharge the batteries.Meanwhile keep your chin up!

  5. I had one of those days at the weekend. As you say, slightly irrational, etc. but I just couldn't help it. The good news is that I got through it, so will you. The following day I felt different again. More positive thoughts winging their way to you.

  6. You're not the only one, we all get those days from time to time. Tomorrow's another day! Good thoughts coming your way.

  7. Hope you're feeling a little better today. The sun is shining here which has lifted my spirits greatly. Funny how a bit of nice weather can make us feel so much brighter.

  8. Sorry you have had a crappy day. I have just tagged you. hop over to my blog to see what it means. :)