Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Pershore Bridges Walk

Today Mark and I decided to be tourists in our own area (as it's halfterm and Mark is also on holiday).  We decided to explore the little town of Pershore, by the River Avon.  We started out by the historic Pershore Bridges.  These concrete cylinders are anti-tank defences from the Second World War.

There's a pannel which explains how the whole area could have been turned into a 'stop line' if the Germans had invaded.

There also further pannels explaining how the central arch of the this bridge was demolished by the Cavaliers when they retreated through Pershore during the Civil War.  The Parliamentarian troops quickly repaired the bridge with different coloured stone.  You can still see the repair clearly today.

We walked along the river bank for a couple of miles then followed the waymarked track up into the woodland.  These logs had just been felled and they smelled amazing.

Eventually we made our way down off the hill and back towards the Abbey.  This lovely building is practically on our doorstep but I've never been in before.

This beautiful carving dates from 972, when the current building was errected.  There's been a religious building on the site since the third century.

This is the choir of the original Abbey - all that remains of a much larger building.  Henry VIII had a lot to answer for here!

There are some lovely Victorian stained glass windows.  I was taken with the fact that there is an unusual amount of blue glass here...

Now my parents are coming round for Sunday dinner shortly.  I decided to have a 'spring' them to my table this evening....

Thank you to everyone who has nominated/tagged me recently.  I will try to think of some answers to Jo's searching questions!


  1. It looks like a wonderful day out. There's often really interesting places close to home but we go further afield and miss out on some gems. It's amazing how there's so many relics from the second world war still dotted around the country, I came across pill boxes on the east coast last year. Enjoy the evening with your parents, your table looks lovely.

  2. how lovely, I agree with you about the large amount of blue glass in the window. I wonder what the story is? hope you have a fab evening.

  3. Happy half term - so lovely to have a sunday evening without planning hooray - enjoy the week x

  4. Hope you enjoy your half term break. I think I mentioned on one of your previous posts that I had been into Pershore very briefly and had thought what a lovely town it looked. I've enjoyed your photos - the Abbey looks lovely inside:)

  5. Lovely pictures, and your table looks beautiful! I hope you had a loveyl evening x

  6. Love your post and great photos. Enjoy your half term

  7. Hi Jan, isn't it funny how we can live in the vicinity of such wonderful buildings and yet never visit them ourselves, I could look at stained glass windows forever, they are so beautiful.

    The table setting is lovely, lucky parents.

    Thanks for your kind words, lily x

  8. I really enjoy seeing other parts of the world....places that I may never see in person. Your table setting is so pretty. Have a nice Valentine's Day.