Thursday, 16 February 2012

A new 'toy'..

I've been putting money away for a special purchase for quite a while.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of going out and buying my new camera.  It's 'light years' away from the one I was using before.  Here are a few a of the test pictures I took this morning..

The view of Worcester Cathedral from our side of the city... 
(I've always loved this view but have never had a camera capable of capturing the image before.)

The parish church...
(Largely built in the 14th and 15th centuries - but there's been a church here for 1100 years)

Crocuses by the War Memorial..

....and snowdrops.

More snowdrops in the graveyard

I was supposed to be spending the morning doing some Year 11 marking - but the spring-like weather and a new toy completely 'did' for the schoolwork!  Fortunately the marking doesn't have to be done until Tuesday.  Unfortunately I'm the person who is supervising the moderation process so it will look rather bad if I haven't done my paperwork!!! 

I'm looking for some creative excuses to share with my second in department... Any ideas?


  1. Oh Jan what lovely photos, sounds a great camera, lucky you! I know Worcester well as both my parents are from the Midlands, it is special for Hubby & I as it is where we got engaged (3 years ago this year) and where i chose the ring. Whenever we go to Worcester we always stay in our most favourite B&B, it's called Barrington House and is on the Henwick Road - it's absolutely beautiful.
    No doubt you will have a lot more fun this week with the camera xx

  2. Love new toys! and your's sounds the biz. Your photos are great Jan.
    Tell me, do you just download the ones that you want to post or do you have to download the whole lot? I always end up with the same photos being downloaded on my computer all the time. There must be a way around it. Any advice would be welcome.

  3. My first digital camera was a Fujifilm. After a few years I changed over to a Canon which I was never really happy with, and at Christmas I was bought a new Fujifilm. It's got all sorts of capabilities, I'm just not very good with cameras, I really need to figure out how to use it properly instead of just using the automatic setting. Have fun with your new 'toy', what kind is it?

  4. Great pictures Jan, the spring flowers are especially lovely, it takes a while to get used to a new camera, I'm still finding my daughter's a revelation. x

  5. You've taken some great photos with your new camera! I love the ones taken in the churchyard of the spring flowers. I've got used to my 'new' camera (bought last October) now and really enjoy using it:)

  6. Your photos are spectacular! I've been thinking about a new camera too. Would you mind sharing the brand you bought? It's such a big purchase, I'm looking for advice.

  7. What camera did you buy? I really love the flower photos, the colours have come out really well...........ummmm marking? It's half term teachers don't work then do they? (as I survey all my planning put to one side!)