Sunday, 26 February 2012

Malvern in the sun...

My trip to Malvern was started quite badly yesterday afternoon.  The M50 was closed - which resulted in loads of extra traffic taking the southern bypass round Worcester.  This is a woefully inadequate single track road and it took me 50 minutes to do a journey which should take no more than half an hour.  Then - when I arrived at the wool shop - there was a little sign on the door which read "Back in 5 minutes"!  Grrrr!  Anyway, I took myself off to a little coffee shop and passed some time people watching.

I then decided to take a little walk round by the Priory Church.  It looked absolutely stunning in the spring sunshine...

I took a little peak inside as well....

Next I took myself round to 'The Knitting Parlour'.  The owner was delightful and very happy to let me take a picture to post here...  The front room is full of really unusual wools while the back room has a good range of patterns, baby wools and DK yarns...

I then wandered back to the car through the Winter Gardens.  I was really surprised to see this shrub in full bloom... I am a completely remedial gardener - does anyone know what it is?

The low sunlight created some lovely shaddows, but I had to rush away because I was meeting up with a friend in a village near Worcester and I was worried about the traffic. 

This was my 'woolly loot' on the dining room table later...

The lemon and darker yarn on the left are for my current project.  The other three balls are for the baby blanket.  Even though it was a slightly fraught afternoon, I was SO pleased that I made the effort to visit this shop.  I'll definitely go over there again.


  1. The mystery plant is a Camellia - Malvern looks really pretty and what a lovely wool shop.

  2. Sounded like a nightmare of a journey but so glad that your wool shop was only closed for five minutes, it could have been worse and shut all afternoon. That's happened to me before. I like your photos and the day was lovely wasn't it. It was the same here in Essex.

  3. Your journey may have been dire, but what a wonderful church, and that wool shop looks as though it was worth the time and effort you had to put in to getting there.

  4. The photo of the church is stunning. what a lovely place. x

  5. It was a lovely day for a mooch around Malvern. I've made trips to wool shops when they've been closed so I'm glad they were only shut for a short time. Looks like you've got some nice yarn.

  6. The plant is a camellia.I have never been able to grow them successfully unfortunately.Malvern looks a lovely place, somewhere I have never been.

  7. Except for the traffic, you have described a perfectly wonderful day!

  8. knitting parlour is such a great name - boo to traffic though!

  9. What a wonderful bag of goodies. Loved taking this little jaunt with you.