Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Our Valentine's Day Walk..

Today Mark and I decided to continue being tourists in our own area.  This time we crossed the River Severn and headed for the hills at Abberly.  We parked our car in the village then followed a loop of empty country lanes and woodland paths.  We saw this old saw in a corner of a field with a huge view towards Ludlow and the Welsh Marches...

There were loads of snowdrops and I even spotted one primrose as we were walking along.  There were also loads of gorgeous cottages.  We started to play the 'dream cottage game'..!

This is the view of the Teme Valley at the furthest point in the walk.  We'd never walked on these hills before.  I'd certainly like to come back and take some more photos when it's a bit clearer.

After lunch in a pub in the village we followed the brown historic monument signs to the remains of a little 12th century church.  The tower and nave are completely ruined but you can still go into the chancel and take a look around.

We squeezed through the very narrow medieval door...

And discovered this beautiful old roof...

The parish built a new church about 1/4 mile away during the 19th century but it's clear that this church is still used for some services.  It had a really welcoming atmosphere - despite the freezing cold!

The old Rectory seems to be a private house now.  I couldn't resist this picture of the building and the hills through the church window....  I think it would look a lot better with a bit of sunshine!

Hope that you've all had a great Valentine's Day!


  1. Hello Jan...Happy Valentine's Day!
    I'm so glad I joined your blog. Today was like taking a mini-vacation. I love exploring old churches as you can tell by some of my posts. Your photos have some very interesting shots.

  2. I really enjoyed your walk Jan. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Beautiful walk Jan, thanks for taking me with you.......Happy Valentines Day. x

  4. What a beautiful church - glad you enjoyed this lovely walk. Hope you didn't get too cold.

  5. What a lovely romantic walk for Valentine's Day. I bet it would look totally different in summer, I like to revisit places in different seasons and they're often different again.

  6. What a beautiful old church. I like your photo of the old rectory through the window. Lunch in the village pub sounds good too. glad you had a super walk:)