Monday, 6 February 2012

Knitting in Progress

Having faced up to fact that I can't crochet to save my life, I've been cracking on with my latest knitting project.  I'm making a cushion cover in a gorgeously soft DK.  I think it's really intended as a wool for knitting baby clothes but the colours aren't especially babyish and they are perfect for my lounge.  There's masses of yarn in each ball - about 95m - so I should be able to get an 18inch square cushion cover out of four balls.

I'm knitting the whole thing in one 18'' by 36'' piece then I'll only have to stitch up the sides.  I started with a broad rib and then garter stitch on the back.

The front is wave stitch - the closest I'll ever get to a lacey crochet effect!

At the moment I think I'm about halfway through the project.  Not bad progress, considering the chaos at the beginning of last week!  I'd like to make a few cushion covers this year because our sofa desperately brightening up.  I thought that it might look nice if I made several in different styles - a cream 'Arran' one maybe?  Or maybe something out of a complimentary chunky wool? 

It has to be said that I'm still suffering from terrible 'crochet envy' when I read everyone else's blogs!


  1. That looks lovely. I started a mohair cushion cover today. I got a book from the library which is supposed to be aimed at teaching children to crochet - I still don't understand it , and don't feel like I have the time to give to it at the moment, as we're still finishing the renovations.At least I don't have to really think about knitting!

  2. Your sofa will certainly be cheered up having such gorgeous knitted cushions gracing it. A nice aran cable pattern would look nice. Have you had a look at You Tube crochet tutorials? That's how I learnt a granny square.

  3. I love that yarn Jan and it's going to make one gorgeous cushion, even though I can crochet I don't really enjoy it that much..........would much rather knit anyday. x

  4. It looks really pretty, those colours are so gorgeous and warming.Can I just say though I found the you tube crochet tutorials brilliant too and I am now crocheting a large blanket for our bed.(it may not be finished this winter but thats another story!)

  5. with you on the crochet envy as well - I just cannot seem to crack it despite being fine with knitting:-(

  6. Rather late in the day, but how many stitches did you cast on for your cushion cover and which size needles did you use?

    Learnt to crochet at evening classes when I was in my twenties, went with my mother in the days when evening classes didn't cost a fortune but were seen as continuing education. Previously I had been to dress making classes, never needed to go to knitting ones as knitting has been as natural as reading to me.

    Have made cushion covers for my home and for daughter's flat too, her pink one was enlivened with hello kitty buttons.

    Have today found your blog, will be bookmarking it as it is so interesting.