Thursday, 2 February 2012

Love is..

I didn't go to pilates last night.  Some nights you've just got to know when to stop - and last night was one of them!  Mark and I spent a whole evening just catching up on some TV and having some quiet time.  We've been watching Michael Portillo's Train Journeys series on BBC2.  Being 30 minutes long has made it perfect teatime viewing.  I shall be sorry to get to the last episode tomorrow.  We also watched some documentaries on Discovery.  Even when I'm chilling with the TV my hands have to be doing something, so I pushed on with my cushion cover project.  The new wool is knitting up nicely.

Many thanks to Emma - who also nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I will try to respond to it properly at the weekend. 


  1. Glad to hear you stepped off the 'hamster wheel' and had a lovely evening.
    I'm the same, even when I'm 'chilling' I've got busy hands, or mopping the kitchen floor with my right leg, and when I get in the shower it's always with a cloth and some Jif! x

  2. Quiet time, good tv, knitting and the one that you love- it sounds perfect to me.

  3. It's nice to kick back and slow down sometimes........hope you enjoyed your evening. x

  4. It is always good to have a quiet evening at home. Congratulations on your award I've been given this a couple of times this week and I'm really struggling to find anyone who hasn't already got it to pass it on to:)

  5. It sounds like the perfect evening.