Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lucky Book Finds...

It was pretty chaotic in Droitwich as we were doing our weekly shop this morning.  I guess everyone was trying to get things sorted before the snow arrives.  I made a quick detour into the Blue Cross Charity Shop and struck lucky in the book section.  These are the my latest purchases - and they are all in mint condition.

I love books that tell people's true stories in the context of a period so 'Fighter Boys' should be a good read.  I'm also very excited about the book at the back.  Peter Robinson wrote the Inspector Banks series and I have every one of those.  This is a new novel with a completely different cast of characters.  The book on the left - 'Almost French' - was a completely random buy.  It's about an Australian journalist who marries a french man and goes to live in Paris.  It's supposed to be very amusing.  I like buying books on a whim from charity shops because, if the book is terrible, it's never an expensive mistake.

Anyway, these books have joined the others on my 'waiting to be read' shelf.  There are about a dozen books in the queue at the moment.  I try to keep a balanced choice on this shelf - a little bit of chick-lit, lots of murder/mystery, and some historical stuff.  I love just love books and the house is full of them. 

A couple of years ago we had the small bedroom at the back of the house converted into a proper study/library.  I write almost all my blogs sat at my desk in the study, surrounded by books, photo albums and paperwork.  Paradoxically this small room has the largest window so I'm always sat in loads of natural light.  Before the conversion I had the small room at the front for all my stuff.  This had a better view - as it looks towards the Malvern Hills - but I ran out of space.  During the swap over we had to move every single book in the house into the garage.  Not an experience I'd like to repeat in a hurry!

A warm welcome to Betty - thank you for deciding to follow my blog.  I hope all of you are warm and snuggly on this cold, snowy February afternoon.


  1. What good buys they were Jan. It's lovely when you find books in pristine condition too.

  2. I've started buying most of my books from charity shops too, there's always a good choice there and they're always in good condition. I don't keep many books though, there just isn't enough room in the house.

  3. Good book finds! I've just read 'Bad Boy' by Peter Robinson and enjoyed it although that was an Inspector Banks one. I've not seen the title you have, I must have a look at the library:)