Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lions - big and small..!

Look who I found playing on the Playstation when I arrived home this evening.... Clearly Tom wasn't expecting me this early and hoped to get in another couple of circuits in GrandTourismo 4!

Why do cats always sleep in crazy places?  Tom's cat bed is behind him - but Mark's paperwork and the hand controller are obviously 'the place to be' this evening.

Today I heard the story of Christian the Lion for the first time.  Our new Deputy Head used it as a basis for her assembly.

We learnt that he'd been bought from Harrods in 1969...

And that he shared the lives of these two young men..

Then we learnt that they decided to release him into the wild rather than putting him in a zoo - despite the fact that he was born in captivity.

We then watched the amazing footage of the reunion in Africa - 18 months after he had been returned to his natural habitat.  I found myself getting a bit emotional when I watched these images.   I swear some of the other members of staff were also a bit weepy.  I guess we're all over-tired.. like the kids!


  1. Awww, Tom is so cute. I loved the story of Christian, it was amazing that he still recognised his owners after all that time, and I agree, very emotional.

  2. I agree that tom is a very cute cat. I miss having cats and love seeing pictures of them.

  3. Tom is gorgeous. Cats do seem to love plonking themselves on whatever you are doing. Bold sits on the laptop, K's marking, and when we had him at the weekend he plonked himself on my sewing.

  4. Tom is gorgeous! Our two sleep in odd places, they have a favourite place for a while then find somewhere else in fact anywhere but any kind of bed we have provided for them. I'm typing this with one of them on my knee. The story of Christian is very moving:)