Thursday, 23 February 2012

I Feel Good!!!

"I feel good.. so good...!"

This is my celebration dance now that I've finished all my Year 7 reports AND the data collection for Year 8, 9 and 10 (13 classes of information in total).  Tonight I'm going to kick back, open a bottle of Merlot, watch some TV and crochet.  I've found that I can crochet while Mark is driving so my first blanket already looks like this....

(I'm quite pleased with the progress - given that I only started last Sunday
and I crochet at snail speed!)

On Saturday I have plans to do all the food shopping and general house stuff in the morning then take myself off to Malvern after lunch.  I've been told that there's a lovely old-fashioned wool shop there and I'm desperate to take a look.  I'd like to pick up some wool to make a baby blanket for one of my colleagues, who is seven months pregnant.  I'd also like to buy some wool to finish off the project in the picture.  At the moment I've just been using wool that was around the house - but I'm running out of yarn in the correct colour-ways.  Mark is delighted because my plans will give him a decent amount of time in the garage.

This was the view from my bedroom window when I got home this evening...


  1. Wow, your blanket is brilliant. Who would have thought that you'd only just learnt to crochet? There'll be no stopping you now.

  2. It's great when all the reports are done and dusted. Don't drink too much wine though!
    Love from Mum

  3. Enjoy your evening. Have a great time in the wool shop - I hope it is packed with a rainbow of wonderfully tempting colours and textures.

  4. That's fantastic - you'd never guess that you'd only just learned! Hope the wool shop is full of wonderful yarns.

  5. Hope you dont spend too much in the wool shop!
    Enjoy your weekend X

  6. Wonderful view and well done with the crocheting - fabulous isn't it? I have year 11 reports to do today ... then I can relax ... foe a while xx

  7. Fab crochet and a big hooray for reports and data collection done! x